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We want to welcome you to our restaurant

The owners of 1428 Haight Patio Café and Creperie have been in the food industy since they were young. As a young adult, Frank helped his parents and siblings run their family deli in Daly City, while Deanne worked in a pizza parlor. When his parents retired, Frank and his siblings branched off and opened their own businesses in the world of food. In 1996, the current owners opened the doors at this location as Squat and Gobble - a chain of 5 restaurants that were run with Frank's brother. In 2014, 1428 HAIGHT was introduced to the neighborhood as its own independent restaurant. Some of the menu options have changed, but the commitment to tasty food and the customer service to its valued guests - has not. 1428 HAIGHT Patio Café & Creperie is a family business with 2 generations of family working side by side. Our goal at 1428 HAIGHT is to provide our customers with exceptional food and service in a welcoming atmosphere. We are appreciative to all of our guests, both local and visitors from around the world, for their continued support. With gratitude, Frank and Deanne